Billie was in a bad state when rescued from the pet trade. She had no fur on her stomach, legs and tail and was unable to climb.

She had been kept in too small a cage and fed the wrong food. A lack of calcium in her diet had badly and permanently deformed her teeth.

Now she is small but surviving well and sharing a cage with Justin. She can at least feed herself now and has regained her fur.

Nikita was in the same state as Billie but was older when rescued. She died without ever learning to climb, around one year after coming into our care.

Marmosets are delicate creatures who need a special diet and a low stress environment if they are to develop normally and enjoy a normal life span.

Although they appear small and cuddly they are just not suitable as family pets and many suffer badly even when their owners have the very best intentions.

Marmosets are  lovely little creatures, but are not really suitable as pets due to their nervous temperament and the amount of care and special husbandry skills required to keep them fit and healthy.