It was all thanks again to Emirates, the Airline with a big heart, who only four months previously had arranged and sponsored Willie, another unwanted baboon, enabling him to join us from Bahrain. Willie was still in quarantine at our sanctuary and it was decided to see if he would accept Molly as his companion, so the two of them could spend their segregation from the other baboons together.

Willie was completely overwhelmed by Molly, who spent her first day at our sanctuary in the next cage to his. It was immediately apparent that they would get on well together and the next morning Molly joined Willie in his cage. They became inseparable, going  everywhere together, spending lots of time grooming each other and enjoying  each other's company.

Molly had found a friend and protector in Willie who would even pick her up and carry her away before positioning himself between her and any visitors. It was good to see that their focus of attention had moved from humans to each other, as this is what we always hoped would happen. 


Thank you Emirates, the caring airline, for enabling us to bring Molly and Willie to our sanctuary.

Molly being groomed by Willie

Molly as a teenager

We have accommodated animals from a number of Middle Eastern Countries, some of which were rescued from dealers in the pet trade. In the case of Molly the baboon however she was an unwanted pet in Quatar. She had grown too big and self-willed to be a suitable pet for the family who had bought her as a small infant.