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0 first rescue since brexit & covid!!!

  • News
  • by Rosie
  • 04-05-2023
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German rescue April 2023.

3 monkeys, 4 countries, 2,000 miles.

We named him Teddy as he is so fluffy-like a bear!
We rescued Teddy from a Zoo in Germany. We believe he is around 14 years old, and he is a barbary macaque (more commonly known as a barbary ape). He and another barbary ape (he has no name) had been loose in the zoo for 5 years. The two monkeys have been running around causing all sorts of mischief with visitors, so the zoo wanted to have them rehomed.
Unfortunately, when Graham and Rosie arrived at the zoo to pick them up to bring them to WAMS, the zoo had only caught 1 monkey. The other monkey is still at large in the zoo.
Graham and Rosie are hoping to go back within the next 8 weeks for Teddy’s friend, we just hope he can be caught this time.
Certain death will face him otherwise.
Mona & Hugo have been rescued from an animal shelter in Berlin. They are Mother & Son, Rhesus macaques, aged 14 and 9.
They had been seized by the German Government (read in to that what you will) and temporarily housed at the shelter which unfortunately couldn’t keep them long term.
All 3 monkeys travelled well and didn’t stop eating on their long journey to Wales! They are now in quarantine for the next 4 months, which is law and have weekly checks from the vet. They're getting to know the keepers and the staff and seem to be taking the move in their stride.
WAMS are also the Great Ape Project UK. We were contacted by the Great Ape Project Germany to see if we could help with this rescue and how could we say no?!
Thank you to everyone for their messages of support and thank you to everyone who donated to this rescue. You keep us going and we can continue to keep rescuing animals in need ????
Cross everything so that we can go back for Teddy’s friend ????