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  • News
  • by Rosie
  • 05-01-2024
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Brass monkeys no more!!

During Christmas and New Year, our biomass boiler broke down. The boiler heats the whole sanctuary, this includes all the monkey bedrooms and the shop. It also gives us hot water!

As there is no mains gas in the area, the biomass boiler is the safest way to heat everywhere- we would never have to worry about a gas leak for example.

So when the boiler stopped working, Graham stripped it down and identified the problem- the end of the auger had sheared off and we needed a new gearbox for the feeder.

The gearbox wasn't a problem as we managed to order that for next day delivery. The problem was the end piece of the auger. Previously, this whole auger had to be ordered from Italy which took over 1 month. We simply couldn't go through that again.

A-ha!! Rosie remembered she knew someone who worked at a local engineering company. A quick message was sent and Rosie and Graham went straight down to WECORI to speak to the engineers.

They we really happy to help us and were going to start manufacturing the broken part that same afternoon. We were delighted, even more so that by 12pm the next day, it was ready to collect.

That same night, Graham put the boiler back together and the heating and hot water was back. Bliss!


To have such great support from a local firm, means the world. Not only did Wecori make the part that we needed, they saved us thousands of pounds, they saved us time in waiting and saved the monkeys from potentially freezing. We really do appreciate