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We are eternally grateful to all those kind people who help us to care for the animals in our sanctuary.

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Jason was born on May 2nd 1983 at Southport Zoo. His parents were Robin who died on Christmas Eve 1995 aged twenty-nine and Jane who died in 1994 also at the age of twenty-nine. His brother Jackie was still with him at Southport, but his sisters Judy and Jessie and his brother Jamie were not.

His mother within the family group reared Jason and this had made his relationship with his brother Jackie very difficult as Jane rejected Jackie who therefore had to be hand reared by the Zoo Owners. This led to Jason and Jackie fighting and in adult male chimpanzees this can be dangerous and sometimes fatal. The problem with the two brothers was made even more serious by the fact that neither would recognise that either was the alpha male and so neither one would submit.

For a number of years at Southport (we were led to believe) the two brothers were kept separate in small areas, which led to problems at the zoo from various Animal Rights groups protesting at the conditions in which the chimps were kept. The noisy fairground right next door to them did not help to solve their problems. Between them the Fairground Owners, Sefton Council and Animal Rights managed to get Southport Zoo closed – not something we felt was justified after our numerous visits there to see the chimps.

For about eight months before they came to Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary the two chimps were housed in a large enclosure and gradually successful attempts were made to encourage them to bond with one another. This bonding increased in their new home. We monitored their behaviour closely and continuously as we had been told that their psychological problems were significant and could well have led to further fighting.

Chimpanzees have a sophisticated social structure within a group with a recognised alpha male. Jason and Jackie had not benefited from this, as they had not experienced life within a group hierarchy during their formative years.

Jason arrived here with his brother in June 2004. They had a comfortable journey and did not appear to be too worried about their new surroundings. Their relationship with one another improved since then and they often sat together, grooming one another.

As far as people were concerned the brothers were not very sociable either and Jason was extremely aloof always staying well in the background, but he has changed completely and is very responsive to people, clapping and waving when we go past.

Jason loves his food especially water melon, mango, lettuce, celery and yoghurts. Yoghurts were apparently something that always set the brothers off fighting and for a time we only gave them yoghurts at night in their separate bedrooms. Soon however they had them during the day without incident. Jason always rifled through the day hampers as he went out first taking his favourite items and this did not bother Jackie at all! A good sign for the future we hoped and they lived together happily for 7 years. Jack sadly passed away a few years ago. Jason seemed fine, less bothered than we were. He was in the enclosure next to the other group and happily settled there.

Nevertheless we decided to see how he and Tubman got on. This has been a resounding success! They get on really well together and have been sharing an enclosure since November 2012. If Jason sees anyone tripping over or some other mishap he claps his hands. He is becoming a really sociable chimp – certainly has a sense of humour! Tubs throws bark Jason claps and vice versa. Both have a hot drink at night and a treat.


Jason and Tubman are a happy duo who formed an instant rapport. Both enjoy teasing the visitors and the baboons next door by throwing bark at them and clapping and they have been together now for over 4 years. Tubman is much happier since our vet removed the lump on his face which he had suffered for years at Mole Hall. Now they have a new companion, Toto from Drayton Manor and an extended day room and enclosure.


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We are eternally grateful to all those kind people who help us to care for the animals in our sanctuary. Donations from the public, businesses and other organisations are vital to our continued survival and any contribution or other form of support is greatly appreciated.